Thursday, September 4, 2014

Artist Statement

Art is so powerful because of its unique ability to alter the viewpoint from which one observes the world. I feel an artist is most successful when he/she communicates their view of the world so successfully that it causes others to take a step back and reevaluate their own.

The reason I find art so interesting is its ability to portray the world that we are all experiencing together through the special lenses that the artist uses to view the world, almost a behind-the-scenes of sorts. In my art, I endeavor to portray the world as I perceive it and to bring attention to the everyday occurrences that I find captivating. By focusing on what I found important per my view of the world I incorporate my likes and dislikes, preferences in composition and scenery, and in mood and atmosphere.  A "good" work of art is one that causes the viewer to reflect on the purpose of the artist's work or better yet reflect on how the artists interpretation of the subject matter compares with their own.

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