Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Project 4: Frog on Windshield


The theme that I chose for this piece was up close and personal. Seeing this frog on the windshield really jumped out at me, as it was a small and unexpected burst of color. I chose to use Prisma Colors for this piece because of how easily they blend and how vibrantly colored they are.

I really enjoyed using the Prisma Colors. I was able to blend them really easily and I liked the range of values and colors that I was able to capture. My favorite part of this piece was pulling together all the different values and colors in the frog. I like how you can layer and use exaggerated colors with the colored pencils. I was frustrated with the background, as the paper kind of rubbed off as I put in the blues and whites. I ended up with the desired texture for the frog but not so much for the background.  In the future I'll definitely plan out the background differently because I'm not crazy about how visible the texture of the background is.I plan to put in more dark values in the background, likely pulling in violets from the frog in order to give the piece more depth, and I also want to try to pull in more of the texture from the windshield (as in water droplets).

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